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Welcome to the Home of Tigard PETS
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 Who we are...

A nonprofit pet-support organization that operates during/after disasters in accordance with Oregon state requirements and FEMA best practices.

Tigard PETS organizes and administers a local pet and livestock sheltering plan.  We are activated during/after small, medium, and large-scale disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, severe storms, volcano eruptions, pandemics, and acts of terrorism.


Tigard PETs has two main goals:

 ·    Educate pet owners to increase personal preparedness for care of their pets during/after emergencies.

·    Plan, organize, and deploy an efficient, effective pet-sheltering system that can scale to the size of the emergency.

What we do before a disaster...

Tigard PETS is responsible for planning how to care for pets and livestock during/after disasters, and for educating animal owners about emergency planning and preparedness.

Community Planning for Disaster Response

Tigard PETS works to:

·    Identify potential shelter sites.
·    Negotiate with local organizations (such as churches) to set space aside for temporary pet shelters during/after a disaster.
·    Acquire goods and supplies, such as pet carriers, bedding, water dishes, and pet food.
·    Acquire facilities to store goods and supplies until they are needed.
·    Recruit and organize volunteers to maintain stocks and be available for Tigard PETS programs.
·    Negotiate with local veterinary resources for services during/after a disaster.
·    Establish a tracking system for animals that are transported or sheltered by Tigard PETS.

Pet-Owner Emergency Planning

Tigard PETS promotes emergency planning for pet owners.  This helps pet owners understand how best to manage and care for their pet during and after a disaster:

·    Promote preparedness among pet owners, including: pet licensing, microchip IDs, and vaccinations. 
·    Encourage pet owners to prepare a pet-ID wallet that contains important information about the animal:  pet photo, breed / color, pet name, animal license, microchip ID (if any), vaccinations and when they were given, and medical information for existing conditions.
 ·    Encourage pet owners to prepare a pet evacuation ("evac") kit:  pet carrier, collar, leash, harness, bedding, food/water dishes, medications, toys, and a minimum of three days of food.


What we do during/after a disaster...

In the event of an emergency, Tigard PETS activates, sets up, and staffs pet shelters for Tigard animals.  Tigard PETS arranges emergency transportation of pets to shelters; track pets that have been transported, sheltered, and treated; communicate with pet owners; and negotiate as possible veterinary services for animals at shelter facilities.